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Grace's Counselling Ministry

The process to receive counselling at Grace begins by reading through the information below.

There are a couple of things to note about our free counselling service here at Grace.

  1. It is free, there will never be a cost for our counselling service. The only caveat is that we have to see a commitment on your end to continue sessions (e.g. faithfully doing the homework).

  2. No one likes homework but we will assign some reading or other exercises to work on throughout the week. This may take 15-20 minutes a day, maybe more. Our homework isn't busywork it will always have a purpose. 

  3. Everything is kept in strict confidentiality by our federal and provincial laws.

  4. It is going to be Biblically based. We are going to talk about the Bible and how it will help you (and it will!)

  5. In most cases, we will be meeting at the church.

If that all sounds fine to you, we can get started by filling out the form below, all information you give is strictly confidential and is kept and seen only by your counsellor. Please let us know your name, email, and a quick bit of info on your situation. 

Thanks for submitting! You will hear from us soon!

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